Climatic chamber ORIONTERM КТХ-250
Volume: 250 liters.

The climatic chamber is designed to test various products, and parts for exposure to high and low temperatures.
The external frame of the climatic chamber is made of welded profile with powder-coated removable steel panels. The working chamber is made of corrosion stainless steel grade AISI304 with high-quality mineral wool for insulation. For maintenance of the refrigerating machine of the climatic chamber, removable panels are available on all sides.
Chamber controls on the front panel: controller, main switch, turning on the refrigerating machine, indicating the operation of the refrigerating machine, indicating heating and overheating.
Our Features
  • Protection
    Additional elements of cooling compartment protection
  • Design
    Convenient control panel
    Process hole 50 or 100 mm
    Lighting inside the camera
  • High Quality
    Tecumseh compressors and Schneider electrician components