Vacuum Process Materials

Vacuum process materials are used in composite parts manufacturing in autoclave, oven, or resin infusion. Our key production items are Vacuum bagging films, release films, peel plies, sealant tapes, infusion mesh, various tubes, and spiral wraps.
To complement the product range also offers extensive consulting services and technical training.
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Vacuum bagging film
Wide range of vacuum bagging film for many applications. For wet lay-up, resin infusion and pre-preg processing up to temperatures of 230°c. Vacuum bagging films up to 12m wide, mostly used for marine and wind energy structures (blade, nacelle, boat, automotive…).
For Marine industry we recommend multilayer co-extruded vacuum bagging film for low temperature vacuum application, widely used in marine and wind energy industries. It is not suitable for autoclave cure process.
Max temperature: 150°C. Thickness: 50, 65, 75 microns.

Peel Ply
Full range of peel ply to meet customer requirement. Our Peel ply is free of any release agent or pollution and can be used directly on the surface of the part. After curing it peels quite easily without any residue or small pieces left on the part.
This high quality peel ply has been widely used in wind, marine and large parts production markets.
Polyester (Excellent with phenolic resin)
Nylon PA6 (Economical version)
Nylon PA66 (High quality Peel ply)

Sealant tape
Sealant tape is commonly used to seal the mould with the vacuum bagging film during the application.
LG150 - Black - 150°C
Economical sealant tape and compatible with most laminate (including composites tools) and film materials. It exhibits high stickiness and good sealed performance. LG150 is successfully used in industries like Wind Energy and Marine for infusion process.

Infusion Mesh
Infusion mesh helps to drain the resin alongside the part and spread it on all the surfaces between the vacuum lines.
It is highly recommended to use this material during your infusion process. There are 2 types of infusion mesh :
Knitted media: Smooth 160g/m²
Extruded media: Stiff from 200g/m² to 460g/m², depending on the resin viscosity flow similar to the knitted media.
Basic product for marine PE knitted. High economical knitted infusion mesh. It is compatible with most substrates including composite molds and films. The main application area is vacuum infusion operation at room temperature. Colour: White Maximum temperature: 120°C
Width: Up to 4m Weight: 160 g/m²

Multilayer systems are used in manufacturing processes for vacuum infusion of composite materials.
The kit is made up of flow mesh and release film, which is particularly suitable for use in fan blades and hull large molds.
It can save time, and it is also used in other hand lay-up and resin diversion processes.
Maximum temperature: 120°C
Material : PE knitted + P1
Colour: White and Blue

PTFE Coated Glass
Non-porous self-adhesive PTFE coated glass.
Totally impregnated with PTFE, this fabric has a silicone adhesive that gives a maximum use temperature up to 230°C.
PTFE COATED GLASS exists in different grades, which define the support thickness and also adhesive thickness.
The higher the grade, the higher the surface is resistant and gloss.
This product is used in the composite industry as a semi-permanent demolding film on molds.

Infusion Tubes & Accessories

Infusion Tube PE, Infusion Spiral Wrap, Resin infusion channel
Diameter External/Internal (mm):
10-8 / 12-10 / 14-11 / 16-13 / 21-18

Infusion connectors (Straight, T and Elbow), Ball Valves
Diameter – Ø10 / Ø12 / Ø16mm