Backfacer — curved or flat parts

This powerful unit allows the operator to machine an accurate thickness in flat or curved FRP parts.

Adjustable rollers will accomodate up to 19 mm thick laminates. Width of cut determined by length fo router used.
Refer to technical information section for router selections.

Routers sold separately.

Sander 100 mm

This unique 100 mm diamond disc sander allows the operator to grand/sand a flat FRP part and pick up 90 % of the dust created when attached to a dust collection system.

Cutter depth can be adjusted from 0 to 3 mm.75-DS4 cutter sold separately.

Flange trimmer

This flange trimmer has been designed to trim flanges at production speed. Our adjustable nylon guide base can be set to various flange widths.

Possibility of trimming up to 100 mm wide. Diameters of mounted wheels are 89 mm. For blade selections, refer to the technical information section.

Blades are sold separately.