Mobile vacuum system MVS 250

The vacuum system MVS 250 for production composite parts by vacuum infusion technology. The system consists of a high-performance vacuum pump, tank, and resin trap. The vacuum station is automatic and designed for professional use.The system is compatible with epoxy, vinylester and polyester resins.
Vacuum system MVS 250 is designed for composites production by vacuum infusion technology. The vacuum system includes a receiver, a vacuum pump, a digital high-precision control unit, a vacuum trap for collecting resin.
The vacuum level is set up and maintained by the electronic control unit of the vacuum pump. The pump shuts down when the system measures up the specified vacuum level. The vacuum pump is activated when the pressure drops below the set value.
Automatic maintenance allows to increases the pump life, reduces power consumption, and provides the most comfortable operating conditions (absence of noise from a constantly turned on pump).
The vacuum system includes multiple quick-release connections for the resin pipes allowing several infusions at the parallel.
Perfect for the boatbuilding, automotive, and construction fields.
Technical specification
Connections for vacuum tube, pieces
Tube Compatibility
3 pieces – 12 mm
3 pieces – 16 mm
Flow rate, m3/h
20 or 40
Resin trap volume, liter
Tank, liter
PLC control
Vacuum gauge, pieces
Voltage, V
1 phase 220, 50 Hz
130 kg